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Despite the adverse economic impact of the revolution on the country and the fluctuations experienced by local and international financial markets directly affecting the contracting activities, RIGA was able to realize satisfactory growth rates due to concentrated efforts of its staff. no doubt that the flexible working plans, beside the board knowledge and valuable experience benefited from RIGA. crew of engineers, foremen and technicians played a great role in the performance of the company as a hole, which led to the satisfaction and convince our clients and gave the power to open new markets in MENA and Sub Saharan regions.


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Erection Projects

Cement Plant. Power plants and all types of steel structures -Executing major overhauls; kiln, coolers, kiln feed, elevator and belt conveyors, pre-heaters, raw mills, and cement mills in cement plants


Executing major overhauls; kiln, coolers, kiln feed, elevator and belt conveyors, pre-heaters, raw mills, and cement mills in cement plants


Fabrication of non standard equipment and steel structures

Technical And Process Training

Cement Plants Total Management

Cement Plants Technical Assistance & Audit


Health and Safety management is an essential part of our business. We take all the necessary steps to protect people from harm and at the same time protect the success of our business. We provide a safe and healthy environment for all our employees. We take account of their welfare needs. We are fully aware of the risks and hazards in our line of work, in order for us to manage health and safety effectively we have learned how to make sure the main risks stay controlled and managed responsibly. We continuously provide our workers with health and safety training programs. We apply Zero Injury Safety Programs rigorously in all project sites under our supervision in line with OSHAS

Career & Jobs

Riga seeks talented and highly motivated individuals interested in a challenging and fulfilling career. We encourage entrepreneurial skills, thus enabling and empowering employees to take appropriate and independent decisions. Employee participation is encouraged by inviting suggestions and opinions. This is coupled with competitive compensations, rewards and proper hands on training to enable them to unleash their full potential. We offer our employees challenging, interesting and motivating assignments


  • Riga Egypt aims to conquer new markets in Jordon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain with its professional crew, in addition to the newly established branch in Saudi Arabia for construction & industries. Riga Egypt & Riga Saudi Arabia as well has an ambitious plan aiming to improve and extend their market to cover the Arab world.